EllinikoTheatro is an international performing arts organization based in New York and Athens. Since its inception in 1979, it has sought to serve as an innovative carrier of cultural diplomacy, expanding the temporal, spatial and social boundaries of Hellenic Theatre.



“Socrates Now” beneath the Acropolis for the 5th consecutive summer!


Socrates Now, based on Plato’s classic the Apology, returned to its origin for the 5th consecutive celebratory summer! Under the Acropolis and in the magical open-air theatre of the History Museum of the University of Athens, the performance-discourse was presented in English for foreign visitors and for the citizens of Greece. Over 2,000 people from 30 countries participated in the 22 performances as audience-jurors, and stayed on till the early morning hours, nursing their cups of wine and vigorously examining the merits and usefulness of Socratic and Platonic thought in our world in crisis. The performance was filmed by Dutch Public Television and is expected to be broadcast in the fall of 2016.