EllinikoTheatro is an international performing arts organization based in New York and Athens. Since its inception in 1979, it has sought to serve as an innovative carrier of cultural diplomacy, expanding the temporal, spatial and social boundaries of Hellenic Theatre.


Socrates Now

World Tour

In 2017-19, Socrates Now will continue its world tour, with performances in all continents except Antarctica.The presentation is suitable for audiences of all ages and backgrounds and, combined with a post-performance discussion on Socratic ethics; it is received with enthusiasm—and requests for return engagements—by:

Schools  – Colleges – Universities  – Theatres – Museums – Libraries
Open-air Spaces – Corporate Companies  – Cultural and Community Centres

Click here to see a detailed schedule of past engagements


Socrates Now lasts approximately 80 minutes with no intermission. The performance is given in English or Modern Greek, using translations by Yannis Simonides, Loukas N. Skipitaris or Electra Andreadi, but can be presented in any country, employing an ingenious on-stage projection of supertitles in the language of the particular audience. The show has recently been presented in Spanish in Montevideo, Uruguay, in French in Strasburg, in Russian in Odessa and Kiev in the Ukraine, in Turkish in Istanbul, in Bulgarian in Sofia and in Swedish in Stockholm, while translations in German, Polish and Arabic are currently being developed.

Show/Venue requirements:

  • A theatre or facility with adequate theatrical lighting
  • A reliable sound system, and a lavaliere (lapel) microphone
  • One plain wooden table and three wooden chairs of the same style
  • A large on-stage screen and a PowerPoint projector—if translation of  the text in another language is required
  • Two technicians (sound and lights), who must be present during  rehearsal and performances

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