Cavafy: Poet of the City

The presentation is suitable for audiences of all ages and backgrounds, though younger students (below 12) may not be able to grasp the poetry and appreciate the subject matter fully. It lasts approximately 90’ with no intermission, and it is given in English or in Modern Greek, or a combination of both. It is very much sought after internationally—a tribute to Cavafy’s reputation and the devotion accorded to him worldwide by members of the ever future generations.

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Show/Venue Requirements:

  • A theatre or facility with adequate theatrical lighting
  • A reliable sound system, and a lavaliere (lapel) microphone
  • A large table stage center, folding or otherwise; an antique settee and an antique stuffed armchair, if available
  • A musician’s stand with light, and a plain chair
  • A large on-stage screen and a projector for the PowerPoint images
  • Two to three technicians (sound, lights, PowerPoint), who must be present during rehearsal and performances

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