EllinikoTheatro is an international performing arts organization based in New York and Athens. Since its inception in 1979, it has sought to serve as an innovative carrier of cultural diplomacy, expanding the temporal, spatial and social boundaries of Hellenic Theatre.


Socrates Now

The Apology is considered to be among the most diachronically valid texts of Hellenic thought, and the principles in the Socratic discourse have had an indisputably decisive influence on philosophy, politics and law in the Western World. Socrates’ arguments throughout his Apology address questions of ethics, justice, civic duty, personal virtue and moral courage – ever burning issues and values that transport the viewer from ancient times to our contemporary world, and in so doing reaffirm their relevance in the interdependent cultures of the 21st century.

Due to its multilayered nature, this rendition of Plato’s classic engages and captivates audiences with interests ranging from history, philosophy, literature and the performing arts, to business, law, government, science, religion and medicine. The questions raised are so profound and the strategies used for tackling them so richly suggestive and provocative that they inevitably stimulate zealous post-performance debates among audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

The performance can be combined with a separate seminar for children, students or adults, in English or in Greek, on Socratic ethics and their relevance in contemporary society.


“We must be willing to live in a culture of questions, not one of ready answers. It’s a more courageous approach. And it takes more time. But it’s worth it. It serves us better in the long run as individuals and as a society, by giving us stronger foundations for our lives and for our world. This is the way, and Socrates’ way, through which we’ will ultimately achieve a ‘culture of rightness,’ of higher values; of virtue.”

Yannis Simonides