Elliniko Theatro

Global Outreach

EllinikoTheatro aims to bring performing artists and works of Greek drama and literature beyond national boundaries and traditional theatres, into schools, universities, festivals, companies, communities and public spaces around the world. Minimal sets and casts, bi-lingual productions (often enhanced with inventive projections of surtitles in several languages,) along with post-performance discussions with our audiences make our work globally accessible and attractive to a wide range of hosts and sponsors.

At the heart of EllinikoTheatro’s work is a profound belief in the diachronic and universal value of select Greek texts and plays, as well as a strong commitment to Cultural Diplomacy. Alongside these notions lies the conviction that theatre is a unique means of human expression, communication and learning, as well as an invaluable instrument for creative initiatives that aim to enhance social cohesion and economic development. Through our educational and participatory projects and the use of digital media, we intend to provide access to artistic enjoyment and experimentation, especially to the younger generations and to disadvantaged social groups.

EllinikoTheatro is currently  building upon major projects produced in collaboration with international partners, promoting them globally. In the long run, it aims to continue developing new projects in collaboration with colleagues from Greece, the USA and the world, who are interested in using the Classical and Modern Greek heritage as a departure point for exciting intercultural conversations.