Elliniko Theatro

Programs for Schools & Universities


Staying true to its education role, EllinikoTheatro has developed a series of activities targeted towards primary, secondary and high-school students, as well as universities. Each performance is adaptable to be put on in Greek or English. The students are then invited to take part in a post-show discussion on the topics and teachings of the performances’ texts.

Aiming to provide a well-rounded experience which intertwines entertainment with education, we have worked with many public and private schools, giving the children the opportunity to learn about ethics and express their own thoughts.

Mr. Simonides has a fantastic talent in engaging the students as he accomplishes the difficult task of teaching and entertaining. The post-show discussion offers children, students and teachers the unique experience of learning while also practicing critical thought and judgement in an interesting and refreshing way.

Contact us at info@ellinikotheatro.org for more information on booking one of our educational projects.

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