EllinikoTheatro is an international performing arts organization based in New York and Athens. Since its inception in 1979, it has sought to serve as an innovative carrier of cultural diplomacy, expanding the temporal, spatial and social boundaries of Hellenic Theatre.



Philosophy Festival


To:  Ιndividuals, creative groups and organizations from the fields of Culture, Education and Tourism.

The Philosophy Festival comprises a series of events related to Philosophy, which is being developed in Athens for the local and international audiences, and scheduled to take place in summer 2015.

The Festival activities will be developed by a network of people, groups and organizations and will be hosted in historic sites, public spaces and cotemporary creative spaces in central Athens.

The Festival aims to become a field of exploration of the relationship between the concepts

city- citizen-culture – politics – state, which in Greek have the same root (polis – politis – politismos – politiki – politeia)


The Philosophy Festival aims to:

  • Become ground for cooperation and dialogue between the creative community of citizens, public organizations and private businesses that are developing or wish to develop activities related to Philosophy
  • To promote the intellectual capital of Athens in a way that is lively, relevant, extrovert, innovative and experiential, and put it to the service of Athenian citizens and the global community.
  • To maximize the impact of all events and their promotion at local and international level through their coordination in a shared timeframe and communication framework.
  • To promote Athens through substantial and recognised ingredients of its place identity and to set the ground for a cultural institution that is based on the past, offers solutions for the present and a vision for the future.


  • Open-air lectures, debates and moderated discussions
  • Participatory readings of philosophical texts
  • Themed tours
  • Urban games
  • City information points
  • Theatrical and other performances
  • Urban events and interventions
  • Book fairs
  • Film projections

Participants are encouraged to develop activities in English (or bilingual) in order to maximize the participation of tourist audiences to the Festival.


E-mail us at info@ellinikotheatro.org attaching a file containing:

*Title of activity

*Description of activity (up to 100 words)

*Duration of activity

Description of organizer (up to 50 words)

Contact person (name/phone/e-mail)

Venue needs (e.g. electricity, whater) and related permits


Τhe Festival Coordination Team:

  • ensures the maximum promotion of the Festival programme and audience participation to all activities through the functioning of  local and international press & communications office, a central webpage and social media, media sponsors, the production of the Festival’s communication material and the signage of events around Athens.
  • develops public relations with international cultural, educational and touristic networks and assists the networking of participant individuals, groups and organizations.
  • facilitates the production of the events through official aegis, networking with appropriate spaces for each event and support in aquiring permits
  • is looking for sponsors to cover the production costs of the Festival’s communication campaign. At the same time, it presents the programme of activities to sponsors and connects the contact person of each group in case there is interest to fund a specific activity. Every participating group is asked to inform the Festival Coordination Team about possible communications for the sponsorship of specific activities.

The organizer of each event is the organization/team that offers its intellectual work. The creative and technical production constitutes the intellectual and commercial right, as well as the responsibility of each event organizer.


The Festival Coordination Team is a network of professionals from the fields of cultural management, media & communications, architecture and design working in Clusters for Place Identity and Citizens’ Engagement  (see www.placeidentity.gr). These clusters develop activities and partnerships that focus on  cultural diplomacy and urban regeneration through citizens’ participation, such as:

– Imagine the City, network of activities in 10 Greek Cities  (www.imaginethecity.gr)
– Syn-oikia, participatory urban regeneration installation, Athens 2012
– SynAthina, an abandoned municipal kioks transformed into a co-working space for voluntary groups, Athens 2013
– IDEA|TOPOS 1st Place Marketing & Branding Conference & Urban Events, Volos 2012 (www.ideatopos.org)
– Socrates Now, series of performances in 14 countries, 2005-2013 (www.ellinikotheatro.org)
– Marathon audience-participation readings of ancient Greek texts in 6 countries , 2008-2013

The Philosophy Festival is part of a network of activities by the social platform Politeia 2.0 which aims to establish Athens as an international centre for research and innovation for Democracy, Political Science and Philosophy, and Greece as an exemplary model of applied Democracy. Coming soon: www.politeia2.com