EllinikoTheatro is an international performing arts organization based in New York and Athens. Since its inception in 1979, it has sought to serve as an innovative carrier of cultural diplomacy, expanding the temporal, spatial and social boundaries of Hellenic Theatre.


The Stones Speak

Multi-art events in Athenian archaeological and historic sites, in collaboration with the municipality of Athens,
societies for the preservation of Hellenic heritage, and tourist agencies and partners.

Sample locations 
Athens Agora
Plato’s Academy
Aristotle’s Lyceum
Lysicrates Monument
Street of the Tripods
Hill of the Muses
Theatre of Dionysus
Abandoned/desecrated classical, Hellenistic, Byzantine, Ottoman  sites
Content /format
Literary, philosophical, dramatic, historical, political, religious texts, ancient,
medieval and modern music and song, comedic sketches, performance art

Greek, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Arabic, and more

Actors, directors, musicians, singers, performers


Projected launch: May 2019