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Charles Dicken’s immortal story, as a Children’s Theatre production, on tour in Greek American communities.

Directed by: Stephen Weagle

Sets by: Stephen Weagle

Costumes by: Fotini Dimou

Musical director: Anna Paidoussi

Choreography: Vera Lekas

Produced by: Alex Bellas


Ebenezer Scrooge: Yannis Simonides

Bob Crachit: Damien Mantzavinos

Mrs. Crachit: Efthemia Ponireas

Tiny Tim Crachit: John Korkides

Jacob Marley: Nick Harris

Ghost of Christmas Past: Vera Lekas

Ghost of Christmas Present: Alex Bellas

Ghost of Christmas Future: Alex Bellas

Mrs. Fezziwig: Anna Paidoussi


A production of EllinikoTheatro’s Children’s Theatre Touring Company

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