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Epitheorisi is a collection of original sketches, songs, and dances, based on Greek-American life. The work is drawn from the personal experiences of members of the Greek community, from prose, poetry, the Greek musical tradition, and from the company’s improvisations.

Written by: Yannis Simonides and the Company

Conceived and directed by: Yannis Simonides

Assistant director: John Sefakis

Musical direction and arrangements: Carl Arnold

Choreography: Joan Arnold

Sets and Costumes: Robert U. Taylor

Lighting: Rick Adams

Sound: Aural Fixation

Technical Director: James Jahn

Company Manager: Maura Vaughn

Production Stage Manager: Susan Sampliner


With: Nick Harris, Nikos Kontomanolis, Robert Laconi, Vera Lekas, Anna Paidoussi, Carol Maria Pantages, Elaine Psihountas, John Sefakis, Guy Sherman, Margo Skalecki, George Zaverdas, Yannis Simonides, Alan Nielson, Bill Kleinsmith, Kevin Hartmann, George Vihos, Michael Zoulis, Zacharis Kalaitzis.


Produced by Yannis Simonides


A production of the Greek Theatre of New York – EllinikoTheatro


At the Clurman Theatre, 412 West 42ndStreet, NYC

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