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Erotokritos, an oratorio-drama by George Tsontakis, based on the Vintzentzos Kornaros Cretan epic love poem by the same name, received its world premiere at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, NY, and it features Kornaros’s poetry, English narration, choral commentary, and dance as a symbolic enactment of plot and music that brings to mind Stravinsky’s Oedipus and Penderecki’s Paradise Lost. The hero, Erotokritos, is banished for his love for Aretousa, daughter of King Heracles. Disguised, he performs great feats of arms for the king and reveals his true identity only after the king has sanctioned the stranger’s marriage to his daughter.


Composed by: George Tsontakis

The Phaestos Chamber Symphony Orchestra and
the Metropolitan Greek Chorale conducted by: George Tsontakis

Script adaptation by: Loukas N. Skipitaris and George Tsontakis

Directed by: Loukas N. Skipitaris

Sets and Costumes: Fotini Dimou

Lighting: Bill Motyka

Choreography: Alex Bellas

Production Stage Manager: Duane Fletcher

Technical Director: Jeffrey Berzon


Produced by the Metropolitan Greek Chorale and EllinikoTheatro


At the Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center

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