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These plays represent a sampling of the contemporary Greek playwrights’ output in either established or original scripts. In selecting them, no attempt was made to include the “most important” of the writers or to cover a representative range of the themes or styles that characterize them; rather, our criteria were basic: what our resources allowed us to produce, and what plays seemed in subject matter and treatment to be more accessible to the contemporary New York public. The motive was also basic: the modern Greek playwrights have been translated and produced around the world and, in isolated cases, in the US as well, in New York City, and by this theatre; but never as an “anthology” intended to project them—by virtue of careful translation, production, and promotion—as a viable force in world drama, as a group of artists to watch as they develop out of an extraordinary combination of background and circumstances attempting to construct a voice uniquely their own.


The plays and playwrights:

Prisoner – George Maniotis

The Wooden Man – George Maniotis

Until the Day of Contentment – George Maniotis

The Shed – Mitsos Efthimiades

Resumption – Kostoula Mitropoulou

Role for a Clown – Kostoula Mitropoulou

Malaka – Marios Pontikas

Love Comedy – Yiorgos Skourtis

Fragments – Yiorgos Skourtis

While Talking on Crates – Kostas Mourselas

At the Travel Agency – Kostas Mourselas


The translators: Yiorgos Chouliaras, Dan Georgakas, Barbara Lekatsas, Nicholas Kepros, Konstantine Lardas, Efi Antypas, Linda Papoutsis, Petros Anastasopoulos.


The directors: Alkis Papoutsis, Ellen Nickles, Sam Blackwell,
Richard Morse, Yannis Simonides


The Ensemble: Alexis Mylonas, Gregory Patrikareas, Eva Pantel, Nikos Kontomanolis,
Bob Bosco, Vera Lekas, Felicia Faulkner, Louis Chambers, Mary Foskett


Artistic Director: Yannis Simonides

Co-Artistic Director: Alkis Papoutsis

General Management: International Theatre Consultants

Production Manager: Jeff Rosenstock /ITC

Costumes /Sets: Stephen Weagle

Lighting Design: Victor En Yu Tan

Sound Design: Aural Fixation

Stage Manager: Stuart Richman

Technical Director: John Enea

A production of the Greek Theatre of New York – EllinikoTheatro


At the Westbeth Theatre Center, 55 Bethune Street, NYC

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