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Happy Sunset focuses on the residents of a retirement home in modern-day Athens. The situation is universal and could take place in any metropolis. These elderly folks, because of their age or indigency, have been abandoned by their own children and society and left to endure almost prison-like conditions, where exploitation and heartlessness by the management prevail.

Written by: Manolis Korres

Translated and directed by: Alkis Papoutsis

Set design: Robert U. Traylor

Costume design: Amanda J. Klein

Lighting: Andrea Wilson

Stage Manager: Duane Fletcher


Tsilias: Peter Carew

Rena: Aphroditi Kolaitis

Naka: Olga Druce

Katina: Joan Neuman

Mrs. Kouris: Vera Lekas

Tryphon: Frank Nastasi

Kosmas: Nikos Kontomanolis

Sophia: Constance Stellas

Nikos: Yannis Simonides


Produced by:  The Greek Theatre of New York (EllinikoTheatro)


At the GTNY theatre, 120 West 28thStreet in NYC

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