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Aristophanes’s hilarious masterpiece, arguably his best-known work, is as alive and kicking today as it was 2450 years ago, and it does not require any modern interference to state its purpose loud and clear, except precisely that: a dutiful and intelligent adherence to the playwright’s devilish humor, biting but ever so musical poetry, anarchic intent and action, and not so subtle (…) sexual innuendo. Notable for being an early exposé of sexual relations in a male-dominated society it is also a stinging manifesto of resistance to the catastrophic expansionist policies of Ancient Athens.


Translated by: B. Jonathan Ringkamp and Yannis Simonides

Music Composed and directed by: Carl Arnold

Choreography by: Amy Berkman

Combat choreography: Billy Padgett

Set design: Robert U. Taylor

Costume design: Fotini Dimou

Lighting design by: Jan Kroeze

Production Stage Manager:   

 Directed by Yannis Simonides and Billy Padgett


Ensemble: Gloria Rossi, Maggie Askew, Vera Lekas, Effie Hatzifoti, Eva Pantel, Demetra Karras, Julie Kiley, Doug Moore, Russ Fast, Yannis Simonides, George Agalias, George Menides, Stephen Weagle, Nikois Kontomanolis


Produced by EllinikoTheatro and the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute 

At the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute,
115 East 15thStreet, NYC

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