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Dear friends and patrons of EllinikoTheatro,


Over the last four decades, you have helped support our vital cultural and educational work in Greece, the United States and around the world. Together with you, we are being recognized as some of Greece’s most committed and successful cultural diplomats. Our legendary production Socrates Now is approaching 500 performances internationally, and our work on CavafyMakriyanni, and Homer, along with our attendant educational programs, are enriching the lives of thousands of young people and adults worldwide.


In 2021 we are expanding our work on the projects mentioned above, and are commencing work on Plato’s Republic as a performance piece and eventually an audiobook; an ambitious campaign to bring Socrates Now to prisons in the US and Greece (Covid-19 permitting), and the video of a recent performance gratis to schools and universities internationally; and finally, a groundbreaking set of programmes for our participation in the 2021 national and Diaspora celebrations for the 200th Anniversary of the Greek War of Independence. To this effect, we hope to raise $25,000 by the end of 2021 in order to enable these programs and to sow the seeds for their sustenance in the long term.


The Greek Theatre Foundation, dba EllinikoTheatro, is a non-profit, 501-c-3 organization, and all contributions are fully tax-deductible. Please join us in this critical campaign and click on DONATE below. Alternately, you may wish to mail your donation to the Greek Theatre Foundation, c/o Nina Poulos Ramage, chair, 31-01 Vernon Blvd, #309, Astoria NY, 11106, USA.


On behalf of our board of directors and of all of us at EllinikoTheatro, we thank you in advance for your informed and visionary support.

(For any question regarding your donation, please contact us at

We are most grateful to our generous patrons of the last 15 years. They are recognized here:

Bradley Maggie

Brander Jenifer

Camillos Angelo & Charlotte

Castrinakis Manos

Connely Vanessa

Coritsidis Family

Dauber B

Deligiannis Sergio

Dine Dexter

Donas Nicholas

Dowd Ray

Fuller Del Marie Fund

Gates Linda

Georgiadis Pavlos

Gerardos Costas

Gerardos George

Gioulakis Dino & Michelle

Goedecke Colin

Good Wyatt Compton

Gredd Helen & Smith Bill

Greenberg Kyle

Haas Peter

Hagouel Nana

Hall Carla

Hall Jack

Hellenic Link Midwest

Hilton Felicity

Horton Andrew & Odette

Hughes Betty

Iverson Mike

Kanios Chris & Melinda

Karageorge Penelope

Karatza Mary

Katradis Constantinos

Kazan Elia

Keiser Gordon Jen

Kelly Mary Beth

Kolokathis Antonia

Komodikis George

Kyparissi Amalia

Lacuesta Maria Berris

Lama James

Lappas Demi

Laskos Alexis

Latsis Spyro J

Lolis Merope

Lymberis Maria T.

Mandelis Marioleni

Manios Manolis & Marina

Maria Tsakos Foundation

Mata Andres

Mayne Blythe & Thom

McKelvey Alison

Milton Tom & Joanne

Modern Greek Studies Foundation, SF

Monoson Sara

Monoyios Nikos

Mouyiaris Nikos

Mullen William

National Hellenic Society

Natkins Harriette & Stanley

Nehamas Alexander

Nevers Roberta

Nikas Nicholas

Ntosa Elena P.

Olayan  Lubna & Xefos John

Orfanos Spyros D.

P John & Esther

Pakos Panayotis

Papagapitos George

Papagapitos Vasos

Papalexopoulos Alex

Papathomas Thomas & Georgia

Pappas Nellie

Pappas Nicholas J.

Patka Erika

Petrou Costas

Pia Zombanakis Fund


Ramage Nina & James

Ross Richard & Elizabeth Pyle

Sassower Raphael

Schoemaker Gilian

Sempere Celeste & Christian

Sempere James

Sessa Nicola

Sexauer Chris

Sheppard Jack

Simonides Ion

Sipos Sandor & Gabriella

Skipitaris Loukas N.

Skipitaris Peggy

Skody William

Smith Ryan Gredd

Spanos George & Elaine

Stavros Niarchos Foundation

Steiner Ann & Bidgood Richard

Stellas Constance

Syrrakos Barbara

Theta Chi Fraternity

Thompson Brian

Trogstad-Isaacson Kyle

Tsekoura Mika

Tsitseras Litsa & Dino

Tzanos Constantine

Valerie Brackett & Nikos Monoyios Charitable Fund

Vavoulis, Alex & Vasiliky

Weston Carol & Ackerman Bob

Wright James & Dabney Mary

Xydias Gerasimos & Klea

Yiannoutsos Vicky

Young Charles & Nancy

Ziegelmeier Gaytha

Zombanakis Andreas

And many generous ‘Anonymous’

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