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Tale Without Title is based on Penelope Delta’s novel for young audiences which had the same title and described modest war heroes, and on first-hand information Cambanellis obtained from interviews with World War II veterans who defeated Mussolini’s elite forces in 1940 and had survived the Nazi invasion in Greece. They believed in changing the world, they fought and were betrayed, they believed again, fought again and were betrayed again. The student prince—regardless of his blue blood label—defects from his royal isolation and symbolizes the educated young man who should take control of his country and with the help of the people lead it to change. The war finds the Prince a teenager, but peace finds him a man. 


The play proposes that the older and the younger generations can and should work together to effectively defeat repressive social and political forces. Wit, humor, music and utopian dreams are mixed to fashion psychological dilemmas in which both young and old are caught. 


This production of Tale Without Title marks the United States English language premiere of any of Cambanellis’s works as far as it can be determined. It is also being presented in Greek in alternate performances.

tale without title.png

Translated by: Stratos Constantinides

Music by: Manos Hatzidakis

Musical Direction: Anna Paidoussi

Design: Fotini Dimou

Lights: Jim Rule

Sound: Aural Fixation

Technical director: Jeff Berzon

Production Stage Manager: Marion Murphy


Produced and directed by: Yannis Simonides


With: Alexis Mylonas, Damian Mantzavinos, Demetra Karras, Robert Rigamonti, Stephen Bonnell, Steven Gosset, Rob Cranfors, Peter Hadreas, William Hanauer, Joy Juvelis, Robin Karfo, Spero Katehis, Anastasia Loizides, John Penel, Kathleen Salamone, Tony Simotes, Tony Zoulis.


A production of the Greek Theatre of New York – EllinikoTheatro


At the GTNY theatre, 120 West 28th Street in NYC

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