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The Beautiful Dark takes a deep dive into the convergence of fate, choice and our not-so-elastic assumptions about them through the lens of Sophocles’ Theban Plays. Oedipus, “the swollen footed”, is an iconic figure throughout the millennia, battling fate, the will of the gods, sacrilege, hubris, murder of father and desire for mother, engaging in the epic inner struggle to understand and harness the highest and the lowest forces in himself, even the ones hidden from him in the dark recesses of his mind and heart. 


The story arc will take audiences from excitement to terror, from terror to recognition, from recognition to catharsis – completely shifting and disrupting their expectations and their perspective, through immersive storytelling and creative technologies.  


The Beautiful Dark is currently in production in partnership with Senseos and in collaborative advisement with EllinikoTheatro. The prototype will be presented in December 2021 at the University of California, Davis, under the Granada Artist-in-Residence program. The goal for the launch of the full commercial production in Spring 2023. 

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