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Petros and Pavlos are cheerful tramps who have no home, snatch food from here and there, and occasionally take a rest from their troubles in jail. They meet Stavros, a wealthy man, who wants to employ them to babysit for his wife. They see this as an intriguing possibility and they accept. The different ways with which they react to their bizarre employment and their palatial new digs renders the piece unsettling yet hilarious, as Stavros savors the internecine conflict, confident he will secure at least one full-time nanny.

the nannies.jpg

Directed by: Yannis Simonides and Loukas N. Skipitaris

Sets: Robert U. Taylor

Costumes: Diane Alikas

Lights: Robert McKeever

Stage Manager: Penny Pappas

Produced by: Yannis Simonides


Pavlos: Alkis Papoutsis

Petros: Dimitris Velios

Stavros: Yannis Simonides

Wife: Eva Pantel


At the Chian Theatre, 4401 Broadway, Astoria, NY


A production of the Greek Theatre of New York – EllinikoTheatro

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